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For fans, the most important part of the season is the final stretch.  They have to be prepared to will their favorite teams into the final spot in the playoffs, and then push them on towards the championship.  At the games, fans will cheer their heads off and even coordinate a wave that will cascade through the whole crowd.  A handful might have face paint.  These are the usual suspects.  Click here to outdo them and uplift your team in a unique way!


Before anything else, throw out your team jerseys!  They’re out of style!  Click here to find a new and bold way to celebrate your favorite football team.  Instead of actually painting your face, wear a fan face mask.  These faces perfectly capture the gritty nature of football.  It’s colorful and it holds a timeless expression that’s sure to intimidate the opposition.  Rep your team in full force to drive them to victory!

Another quick and easy show of support can be found here and here.  It’s subtle, yet just as effective as catchy signs and throwback jerseys.  Slip a sports bracelet around your wrist and an NFL necklace around your neck.  Matched together, these sports gifts can be used as charms.  Just like a lucky rabbit’s foot, these items will bring you and your team good luck!

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Show Support with a Sports Bracelet!

At every sporting event, you will find a combination of face paint, pom-poms, and jerseys scattered throughout the crowd.  It’s nice to see people rally together for once cause but the sports scene is getting convoluted, and it’s these same thing over and over again in every arena or stadium.  Maybe the fanfare needs to take a subtle shift.  Next home game, go for a slick approach.  Click here and witness the wave of the future!

NCAA sports fans are dedicated!  Alumni and students support their teams to no end, but they’re predictable.  Leave all of the regular fan gear at home.  Don’t wear the team colors or hold up signs.  Instead, only wear a NCAA bracelet, and when it’s time to cheer, have everyone raise his or her wrists to the sky and silence all the cheers.  Check out these cool bracelets, and find your school.  The opposing team and fans won’t know how to respond.  It will be a shock to their system!

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

The NFL can use a makeover as well!  Their crowd consists of beefed up face painters and beer chuggers.  Take a look at these football bracelets, and add a secret weapon to your fan arsenal.  It’s deceptive and probably not noticeable at first glance, but as they say in boxing: it’s the one you don’t see that knocks you out.  In honor of Baltimore’s upset over the Broncos, Ravens fans should pick up a bracelet.  Keep the momentum going and prove all of the critics wrong!

Wear a sports bracelet and provide the fan base with a change of pace!