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Basketball Gifts for NBA All-Star Weekend!

The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend is finally here!  Get ready for a full weekend of basketball festivities.  Fans from all over the world get the chance to see their favorite players battle it out in a dunk contest, 3 point shootout, skills challenge, and much more.  In honor of the big weekend, take a look at our basketball gifts and let the games begin!

The King!

Start with the reigning champs, the Miami Heat!  Click here to see our healthy selection of Miami Heat merchandise.  Every true Heat fan should have some kind of home décor.  Whether it’s a car seat mat or a floor rug, it’s necessary to show off your team spirit.  You have to let the whole world know.  A sports watch is a great way, but nothing compares to an autographed Lebron James canvas.  The King will also be at the all-star game ready to put on a show.  Hold your favorite team down with these awesome sports gifts!

Lakers fans don’t have much to cheer about this season, but maybe extra team pride will help!  Click here and take a look at our Los Angeles Lakers Merchandise.  The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, will be in the big game and will probably have a big game to make up for this lost season.  Cheer him on and stock up on our Los Angeles Lakers Memorabilia.  Autographed gifts of Magic Johnson and James Worthy are available for the older fans, and don’t forget about the sports watches.  The Lakers need all the help they can get these days!

There will be numerous festivities for fans to enjoy this weekend, but it all culminates to the big game on Sunday!  The star players will try to show and prove against the best.  Use our basketball gifts to spur your favorites to success!

Christmas Gifts for the Los Angeles Lakers!

Yes, the Lakers are struggling and the have no excuse.  Kobe Bryant is one of the best players of all-time and Dwight Howard is the best center in the league.  A team with those two players on the floor should not have a losing record.  The return of Steve Nash and Pau Gasol will help but let’s face it: Nash is old with a bad back, and Pau hasn’t played well since the Lakers championship repeat.  They may not be enough.  As insurance for lack of cohesion, it’s time for these players to work on their weaknesses!

Follow through!!

Dwight Howard, click here and meet the solution to all your problems.  Everyone knows Dwight Howard can’t make a free throw to save his life, but he’s now in luck.  A Franklin Breakaway Hoop can help his form and touch.  The smaller ball and hoop will force Howard to shoot softly.  With hours of dedicated practice, his rotation and touch will be damn near perfect!  Next up is Pau Gasol.  Point blank, he needs to toughen up.  Just like Dwight, Gasol can use the breakaway hoop to improve  his finishing ability.  Going up strong will be easier than ever on a small hoop.  A couple of dunks, fist pumps, and roars, and Pau should be feeling like a true big man again.  His confidence will rise to monumental heights, and the Twin Towers will rise in Los Angeles!

Kobe Bryant’s chore is simple.  Check out his prescription!  Yes, all he needs is a basketball.  He needs to carry this ball with him wherever he goes.  Bed, bathroom, or backyard, he needs to bring this with him wherever he goes, and never lose grip.  He needs to dribble the ball whenever he can and cherish it like a loved one.  Kobe’s turnovers have been way too high this season.  This should fix everything!  As for Steve Nash, our backboard padding will do wonders…for his back.  Instead of attaching the padding to a backboard, have Nash sit or lay on this during the game.  That lower back discomfort will go away in no time!

Not exactly what you thought right?  I bet you expected a proposed trade, lineup change, or new coach (needs to happen).  Teams need to start looking into alternative methods of development.  If it worked for Phil Jackson as a coach, it might work here as well!

Basketball Gifts for Champions!

The NBA Finals are coming to a close.  The Miami Heat are on the verge of completing their promise but you can never count out the excitement of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  With a conclusion to this series looming, take a look at two franchises that define championship basketball: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.  Surround yourself with the charms of winners with our collection of Basketball Gifts!

From Bill Russell to Larry Bird, the Celtics follow a tradition of greatness. Allow that luck to rub off on you by collecting some Boston Celtics Merchandise!  Relive the glory of Celtic greats like Tiny Archibald and Bill Russell with our Boston Celtics Memorabilia.  The Celtics Home Decor will deck out your home in a lucky green shade, and the Boston Celtic Sports Watches puts time at premium.  Team pride will be at an all-time high in your home with these awesome sports gifts!

Kobe Bryant has carried on a magnificent Laker legacy that Magic Johnson rebooted.  The purple and gold will become second nature when you furnish your home with our Los Angeles Lakers Merchandise!  Relive the excitement of the Showtime Lakers by padding your collection of Magic Johnson Memorabilia.  Try your hand at recreating the special team, and get one step closer with an autographed photo of James Worthy.  Furnish your home in the colors of basketball royalty with a Lakers Mat or Lakers Rug.  The sports watches are handy and demonstrate a winning attitude.  Live the life of a champion with these NBA Gifts!

Get in championship mode with our Basketball Gifts, and see if Lebron James and the Miami Heat have enough to build a legacy up to par with the Celtics and Lakers!

Sit Back, and Watch the Game with our Basketball Gifts!

One round away from the NBA Finals and there’s still not a clear favorite to win everything!  After seeing the Los Angeles Lakers championship window shatter and the New York Knicks being stomped into the ground, basketball fans now have a heavy dose of excitement versus experience.  The battle tested Boston Celtics are taking on the electric Miami Heat, while the savvy San Antonio Spurs try to outwit the energy of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Choose a side and cheer for your favorite team with one of our Basketball Gifts!

The 2012 NBA Playoffs is attempt number two for Lebron James and the Miami Heat to live up to their lofty expectations.  There’s no better show of support than Miami Heat Memorabilia.  Furnish your sports room with an autographed Lebron James basketball or canvas.  The Miami Heat Sports Watches will make sure you tune into the game at the right time.  For the green team, our collection of Boston Celtics Merchandise should help restore a winning tradition.  Stir up as much Celtic pride as possible with some Larry Bird Memorabilia, or cover the floor with a Boston Celtics Sports Rug.  Sports gifts are the ultimate show of team support!

Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are hungry for respect!  The Thunder are riding full throttle with hopes of taking down the methodical San Antonio Spurs.  Cheer on your favorite team in Texas with some of our San Antonio Spurs Merchandise!  The San Antonio Spurs Mats will look good on any floor in your home, or even in your car.  Step on the mat for good luck and Tim Duncan may get another championship ring!

Our exhaustive collection of NBA Gifts is a basketball fan’s dream.  Cheer on the team of your choice and get ready for an exciting NBA Finals with our Basketball Gifts!

Bring in the NBA Playoffs with a Basketball Gift!

The NBA Playoffs are here!  8 teams in the East and 8 teams in the West will battle it out to see who’s the best.  Each series is the best of 7.  Win or go home!  Support your favorite team as much as you can.  Rooting for them from your living is a nice gesture but take it a step further and deck yourself out in true fan gear.  Take a look at our Basketball Gifts!


The Western Conference has a bunch of exciting match ups!  Be on the lookout for the sleeper series of the playoffs:  the Denver Nuggets vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  Show support for the purple and gold with our Los Angeles Lakers Merchandise!  We have jerseys and autographed basketballs from greats like Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’neal.  Our memorabilia, sports watches, and home décor are top notch.  The Lakers are geared and ready to go, but can they fight off the fast paced attack of the young Nuggets team.  Denver Nuggets fans can represent with team watches and floor mats for the home.  This series should be a good one!


The New York Knicks Merchandise is in high demand!  Furnish your home with Knicks décor and cover your wrist with a Knicks watch.  Our Knicks memorabilia highlight the franchise’s storied history, and stir up the true fan inside of you.  The New York Knicks will need as much help as possible when they face off against the powerhouse Miami Heat.  Cheer on the Heat with Lebron James memorabilia.  NBA basketball is exciting again!


Show as much support as possible for your favorite team!  Gain that extra edge with our Basketball Gifts!