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Sports Gifts to Keep your Kids Occupied!

Sports gifts are the best all around choice for kids!  For the upcoming holidays or birthdays, treat your child to a present that’s fun and useful at the same time.  Sports and sports games can improve fitness levels and hand eye coordination.  Give your child something useful and entertaining by choosing one of our Kids Sports Gifts!


For the rough and tumble kids that love the grace and conflict in hockey, Street Hockey Goalie Masks should do the trick!  Protect your kid’s face with a hockey mask that has an adjustable back plate and steel cage.  A Franklin mask with a unique design will set your child apart from the rest, but they can also wear a mask that celebrates their favorite team!  These masks are designed with official NHL team logos and colors.  Your little hockey star in the making will wear it with pride!


The greatest athletes started at a young age.  Yours child can too with a Tee Ball Set.  These tee ball sets are official.  Some include a baseball bat, gloves, and batting tee.  Your children can even swing for their favorite teams with one of Franklin’s MLB complete Tee Ball Sets.  Swing for the Yankees with a Yankees bat, ball, and gloves.  Pro dreams are a swing away with these tee ball sets!


Everyday will not be fit for outside activity, but sports can still be played indoors with a Sports Arcade Game.  The Arcade Basketball allows 2 players to square off in a fast paced shootout to see who has the best stroke.  If basketball is not your child’s sport, then Franklin Rod Hockey might do!  Test your slap shot with this hectic game of hockey that can be played on a tabletop.  These sports toys are guaranteed fun!


Children and free time do not mix.  Keep them occupied with our collection of Kids Sports Gifts!