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Youth Football Gear

We are in the midst of football season, but even when no more games are aired on TV the fun doesn’t have to come to an end! Youth football training equipment is essential for kids aspiring to become NFL players or who simply love the game and want to take part right in their very own backyard! Our football equipment for kids will get them off of the couch and outdoors practicing their throwing and kicking. This kids football equipment will help them develop and perfect these two important skills so they can be at the top of their game!

 Pictured on the left is the Franklin Sports youth football goal post set. This youth football equipment consists of a football goal post for kids, kicking tee, youth football, field markers for the 30, 40 and 50 yard lines, plus two red flags for the top of the post. An air pump is also included to revive the kids football when it goes flat so that the fun never has to come to an end.


There is other kids football gear that children need, such as youth football shoulder pads. Click here to see our football shoulder pads for kids. Though these kids football shoulder pads are not to be used for contact, they will still keep your child safe while playing outside with friends.

Of course, their hands will also need protection, which is why kids football gloves are a necessity for when they are throwing and catching the ball.

From youth footballs to youth shoulder pads to youth football gloves, check out all of our youth football gear here to meet all of your child’s needs.