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Kids Football Uniforms

Football season and Halloween are right around the corner. Whether your child aspires to join the NFL when they grow up or they simply enjoy watching the game on TV, they will love wearing a kids football uniform that displays the logo of their favorite team! These youth football uniforms allow kids to dress up as a player of the NFL or NCAA team that they always root on while sitting on the couch.

To the left is just one example of the several kids NFL uniforms that your child can wear as a Halloween costume or to simply show their love for the sport so violent that it requires one to have on a helmet! Click here to see the Green Bay Packers uniform. All of the youth NFL uniforms come with a helmet, jersey with removable shoulder pads, and pants in team colors. An iron-on number kit is also included so kids can truly embody their favorite football player!

If college football is more to their liking, then here’s their chance to pretend as though they are playing on the NCAA team that they always tune in to watch. Check out all of our NCAA football uniforms for kids. These childrens football uniforms come with all of the same accessories as the NFL costumes. We have football player costumes for several different teams, ranging from the Alabama Crimson Tide to the UCF Knights.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a Georgia Bulldogs uniform, Washington Redskins uniform, or a football player costume for any other team ┬áthat looks realistic!

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