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Fancy Zippo Lighters!

Back in the stone ages, fire was a delicacy and its production was an art form.  Two sticks had to be rubbed together the right way, and a stroke of luck was needed for the spark to flourish.  As technology progressed, lighting a fire became easier than blinking an eye.  At the stroke of a match or the pull of a lighter, fire can be generated on a whim.  Click here to bear witness to the latest!

You’ll need it!

Zippo Lighters are wind resistant and there a bevy of designs available.  Check out a few lighters bedecked with Chinese Symbols.  You have a choice between “Honor” and “Luck”.  Pick a trait that’s significant to your life and light a flame that burns in your favor.  Beyond the artistic side, the lighter is solidly built and performance will not be an issue.  It’s definitely better than rubbing two sticks together.  If Chinese symbols don’t strike your fancy, try your hand at the Harley Davidson Zippo Lighters or the Patriotic Zippo Lighters.  Either is a fine choice!

Take a look at our Pure Zippo Lighters for choice galore!  This collection features a variety of builds.  We have chrome lighters, brass lighters, matte lighters, and much more.  They all have unique and colorful designs with an elegant finish, and sometimes, an engraving.  What more could you ask for in a lighter?

Whether it’s for warmth, light, or a cigarette, our Zippo Lighters should do the trick!

Tabletop Baseball Games for the Off-Season!

For true Major League Baseball fans, every off-season is a struggle!  It’s like a drug; the world seems like it’s ending between hits.  In place of the real thing, you try to make up for it with a generic substitute, but nothing really compares.  So what is the best off-season distraction?  Click here and take a look at our Tabletop Baseball Games!

It’s going, going…IT’S GONE!!

Wrap your video games up and put the greatest games collection in the closet!  It’s time for an intuitive baseball game experience.  Click here to take a look at the MLB Tabletop Baseball Game.  It’s kind of like pinball but now you have the choice to either hit or pitch.  With practice, you can throw a variety of pitches like fastballs, curve-balls, and change-ups.  Outscore your opponent and go for the record books!

All of our Tabletop Baseball Games follow suit!  All you have to do is launch and hit.  It feels just as satisfying as a real home-run,  but you should shake things up a bit.  Check out the Yankee Stadium Tabletop Baseball Game and feel a surge of winning energy.  If you’re a rival fan, take a look at the Fenway Park Tabletop Baseball Game.  Our tabletop games possess a great variety!

Mix and match baseball gifts to hold you over until the season begins!

Basketball Gifts for NBA All-Star Weekend!

The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend is finally here!  Get ready for a full weekend of basketball festivities.  Fans from all over the world get the chance to see their favorite players battle it out in a dunk contest, 3 point shootout, skills challenge, and much more.  In honor of the big weekend, take a look at our basketball gifts and let the games begin!

The King!

Start with the reigning champs, the Miami Heat!  Click here to see our healthy selection of Miami Heat merchandise.  Every true Heat fan should have some kind of home décor.  Whether it’s a car seat mat or a floor rug, it’s necessary to show off your team spirit.  You have to let the whole world know.  A sports watch is a great way, but nothing compares to an autographed Lebron James canvas.  The King will also be at the all-star game ready to put on a show.  Hold your favorite team down with these awesome sports gifts!

Lakers fans don’t have much to cheer about this season, but maybe extra team pride will help!  Click here and take a look at our Los Angeles Lakers Merchandise.  The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, will be in the big game and will probably have a big game to make up for this lost season.  Cheer him on and stock up on our Los Angeles Lakers Memorabilia.  Autographed gifts of Magic Johnson and James Worthy are available for the older fans, and don’t forget about the sports watches.  The Lakers need all the help they can get these days!

There will be numerous festivities for fans to enjoy this weekend, but it all culminates to the big game on Sunday!  The star players will try to show and prove against the best.  Use our basketball gifts to spur your favorites to success!

Personalized Sports Frames are Timeless!

Sport is a universal language that crosses every barrier you can think of!  It transcends race, religion, politics, and age.  Sports are timeless.  Every highlight is captured, framed, and remembered as if it were yesterday.  Today, all of the classic highlights, whether it was a Hail Mary pass, grand slam, or half-court buzzer-beater, are replayed like they happened yesterday.  Our personal sports highlights hold even more weight.  Collect those old or new photos that show a sports story, and frame it.  Click here to get started!

His first word was “Showtime!”

Since birth is the beginning, start off by checking out this dandy of a sports gift!  Frame a special baby photo and find a good place for it in your home or office.  The frame is sprinkled with different sports motifs to give your future pro athlete options.  He can be the next Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, or Victor Cruz.  To add icing on the cake, the frame can also be personalized with your child’s precious birth details.  Talk about starting off on the right foot!  With all these sports on the plate, we might be looking at the next Bo Jackson!

The baby frame is a good starter gift.  Take it to next level with another custom sports frame.  In honor of the recent Super Bowl, click here.  It’s football themed, and it holds the perfect space for a team photo.  Flashes of a memorable season will invade your brain.  There’s nothing like the camaraderie of a sports team.  Capture that feeling!  Our collection also includes baseball, basketball, hockey, and golf frames.  Choose one that fits your tastes, find a fitting photo, and personalize it so it can hit home every time you look at it!

Picture frames are always good gifts.  Add the allure of sports to that equation and you have a winner!

Tricks of the Trade!

Super Bowl XLVII is almost here and fans are itching for their respective teams to win it all!  While the Ravens and 49ers are practicing and building a game plan, the die-hard fans are wearing their lucky shirts and simulating the game in Madden.  Some next level fans might even go so far as to try voodoo.  That’s dedication, but there are other ways.  There are a few tricks that you should stick up your sleeve!

Flag on the play!

Click here and take a look at one your secret weapons!  A referee costume is like sports voodoo.  Wear it, and whenever the opposing team has possession, throw out all kinds of flags.  Blow your whistle to no end, and if you’re bold enough (also if you have tickets) run out on field and take one for the team.  Concentrate hard enough, and you never know, your will might change the tide of the Super Bowl!  Another possible game changer is an electric football game.  Imagine the two sides as the two teams squaring off in the Super Bowl.  Skew the outcome in your favor by a big margin, and deeply believe that a simple game of vibrating football can affect the outcome!

Team specific gifts are a little bit easier!  Check out a nice selection of custom gifts for the San Francisco 49ers fans.  Choose a beer mug or shot glass.  The spirit in which drinking buddies take shots or toast to beer can go a long way.  Toast to the 49ers and push them on to victory.  Any bit of help is appreciated!  Baltimore Ravens fans should try a different route.  They’ve been the underdogs all season, and it’s now time to shock the world.  Try our Baltimore Ravens bedding on for size.  Go to sleep with the team in mind, and wake up in their sheets.  Let Mr. Sandman turn the tables in your favor.  It sounds unconventional, but according to everyone else, the Ravens weren’t supposed to be here in the first place!

Being different is key!  Face paint and foam fingers are not effective anymore.  Think outside the box and find a creative way to show support!