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Christmas Gifts for the Los Angeles Lakers!

Yes, the Lakers are struggling and the have no excuse.  Kobe Bryant is one of the best players of all-time and Dwight Howard is the best center in the league.  A team with those two players on the floor should not have a losing record.  The return of Steve Nash and Pau Gasol will help but let’s face it: Nash is old with a bad back, and Pau hasn’t played well since the Lakers championship repeat.  They may not be enough.  As insurance for lack of cohesion, it’s time for these players to work on their weaknesses!

Follow through!!

Dwight Howard, click here and meet the solution to all your problems.  Everyone knows Dwight Howard can’t make a free throw to save his life, but he’s now in luck.  A Franklin Breakaway Hoop can help his form and touch.  The smaller ball and hoop will force Howard to shoot softly.  With hours of dedicated practice, his rotation and touch will be damn near perfect!  Next up is Pau Gasol.  Point blank, he needs to toughen up.  Just like Dwight, Gasol can use the breakaway hoop to improve  his finishing ability.  Going up strong will be easier than ever on a small hoop.  A couple of dunks, fist pumps, and roars, and Pau should be feeling like a true big man again.  His confidence will rise to monumental heights, and the Twin Towers will rise in Los Angeles!

Kobe Bryant’s chore is simple.  Check out his prescription!  Yes, all he needs is a basketball.  He needs to carry this ball with him wherever he goes.  Bed, bathroom, or backyard, he needs to bring this with him wherever he goes, and never lose grip.  He needs to dribble the ball whenever he can and cherish it like a loved one.  Kobe’s turnovers have been way too high this season.  This should fix everything!  As for Steve Nash, our backboard padding will do wonders…for his back.  Instead of attaching the padding to a backboard, have Nash sit or lay on this during the game.  That lower back discomfort will go away in no time!

Not exactly what you thought right?  I bet you expected a proposed trade, lineup change, or new coach (needs to happen).  Teams need to start looking into alternative methods of development.  If it worked for Phil Jackson as a coach, it might work here as well!

Desktop Sports Games for Christmas!

We all dream of hitting that game winning shot or catching the game winning touchdown on the biggest stage, but unfortunately, it’s easier to win the lottery than it is to make the big leagues.  To compensate, dreamers turn to the recreational leagues and video games.  Now they can add another option to the list.  Click here and take a look at a nice selection of Desktop Sports Games!


In the office or at home, a desktop game comes in handy.  Whether you want to kill time or destroy your buddy’s ego, a sports game is always in order.  Click here and use these games as a starting point for your game room.  Foosball is a game room and arcade classic the whole family can enjoy.  Wind up power shots, defend the goal, and have fun!  That itch needs to be scratched.  Hockey fans took a loss this season with the NHL lockout.  Luckily, Rod Hockey is always in season.  The rods offer intuitive control of the whole team.  It might be the best alternative to the NHL!

The NBA and NFL seasons are in full swing, but a true fan can always find a reason to vent.  Whenever your favorite team hits that inevitable slump, take out a desktop basketball game.  Click here to find most entertaining way to vent.  Work on your jumpshot, and hope that it transfers to your team.  Football fans should take a hard look at Fiki Football.  The flick is an art that dates back to elementary school.  Channel the bored student within, and score at will!

Sports fans need to find constructive ways to take out the frustrations caused by their teams.  Try out a desktop game, and keep the gray hairs from growing!