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Unheralded Sports Costumes!

Basketball, football, and baseball man the airwaves in North America!  Soccer is an international powerhouse, but there are many other sports that fall under the radar for one reason or another.  Some sports just don’t have the cool factor, but that doesn’t take away from the artistry or entertainment.  For a change of pace, sports fans should click here and give up the pigskin for a night!

On your mark!

ESPN has picked up on the bowling mania before most.  A bowling costume can capture the true essence of an alley cat.  A stylish uniform might be the main roadblock between you and a perfect game or at least a strike.  Put a nice backspin on the 3-holed ball and take the pins to town!  Both men and women can share in the joys of bowling.  Women have the added benefit of bringing sex appeal to the lanes.  A score of 300 is within your reach this Halloween!

Equestrian enthusiasts can now enjoy Halloween just like everyone else!  A horse might be a bit much for trick-or-treating, but a jockey costume might do the trick.  Click here and you might be surprised by what you see.  The classic pint sized jockey doesn’t have to be the end all be all for Halloween.  Women can turn the image of a jockey into a sex symbol.  Halloween will be your oyster, and everyone will cheer you on to the Halloween finish line!

The world doesn’t revolve around the classic field and ball sport.  Explore less celebrated sports, and you might like what your find!

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