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Vintage Costumes for Sports Fans!

Nostalgia is always accepted.  Everyone loves a good memory because it brings up satisfactory feelings and emotions.  They take us back to a glorified time when things were thought to be simpler and easier.  Even if the past is exaggerated, it gives people hope that better days are on the horizon.  And sometimes, all a person needs to survive is hope.  The sports world holds the past to a similar standard.  Legends are seen as mythical and otherworldly.  In some cases, this is true.  It’s unlikely that anyone will ever match Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game, but it’s probably better that way.  Instead of looking at grainy game tapes, try on a sports costume with a classic theme!


Click here and capture a taste of the past!  Resurrect shades of the Great Bambino and swing for the stars.  The majors might not be in your sights, but Halloween sure is.  October 31st is a chance for everyone to live out a dream.  Every baseball fan dreamed of sending fastballs out the park just like Babe Ruth.  Use Halloween as a chance to dress up in an Old Tyme Baseball Costume.  Feel the spirit of past greats and do something different on fright night.  Instead of trick-or-treating or partying, reenact a scene from Field of Dreams and have a blast…from the past!

The Legend of Bagger Vance offers up a vintage golf experience!  Will Smith takes viewers back to the early golf scene where the swings were the same and the green was still green, but the duds were far different.  The old tyme golfer costume brings plaid back in style.  Go here and check out the threads of a vintage golfer.  Befit with a beret, knickers, shoe covers, and a sweater vest, the old golf pro stays rooted in the past and pays homage to a distant time.  The clothes are throwback and different enough to fit right in on Halloween.  Even if Halloween has past or a long ways away, wear the costume to your next golf outing.  It’s sure to turn heads!

Looking back at the golden ages is always sentimental!  Warm the heart of baseball and golf fans alike with one of these vintage sports costumes!

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