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Unheralded Sports Costumes!

Basketball, football, and baseball man the airwaves in North America!  Soccer is an international powerhouse, but there are many other sports that fall under the radar for one reason or another.  Some sports just don’t have the cool factor, but that doesn’t take away from the artistry or entertainment.  For a change of pace, sports fans should click here and give up the pigskin for a night!

On your mark!

ESPN has picked up on the bowling mania before most.  A bowling costume can capture the true essence of an alley cat.  A stylish uniform might be the main roadblock between you and a perfect game or at least a strike.  Put a nice backspin on the 3-holed ball and take the pins to town!  Both men and women can share in the joys of bowling.  Women have the added benefit of bringing sex appeal to the lanes.  A score of 300 is within your reach this Halloween!

Equestrian enthusiasts can now enjoy Halloween just like everyone else!  A horse might be a bit much for trick-or-treating, but a jockey costume might do the trick.  Click here and you might be surprised by what you see.  The classic pint sized jockey doesn’t have to be the end all be all for Halloween.  Women can turn the image of a jockey into a sex symbol.  Halloween will be your oyster, and everyone will cheer you on to the Halloween finish line!

The world doesn’t revolve around the classic field and ball sport.  Explore less celebrated sports, and you might like what your find!

Bring Halloween to the Next Level with a Cheerleader Costume!

Halloween is like a sport in and of itself!  Every facet of fright night has an element of competition.  Trick-or-treaters try to collect as much candy as possible to reign supreme as the candy king or queen.  A full bag and a cavity count will mark the winner, but the Halloween festivities don’t end there.  Costume contests force party-goers to push the limits of their creativity and social boundaries.  Families go all out with the Halloween decorations to keep up with the Joneses.  Every aspect of Halloween has some form of competition but one thing is missing.  Click here to find the answer!

Gimme an “H”! Gimme an “A”! Gimme an “L”…

Every main sport features cheerleaders.  It’s an essential part of competition.  The cheers give life to the crowd and distribute an infectious energy that feeds the team.  Every group of trick-or-treating friends should have a cheerleader to spur the group on to candy collecting greatness.  Eggers may even benefit from a boost in morale that can enhance their precision.  Everyone’s home will be at the mercy of the egger!  Costume contests could use a good stream of organized supporters.  The chants and cheers of a cheerleading squad can bring any type of competition to the next level!

Cheers beside, a cheerleader costume offers more than just support!  Take a look at these sexy costumes.  Pom-poms, short skirts, and small tops will draw hordes of eyes.  Women can use their natural gifts to run any show on Halloween night.  Cheerleaders are symbols of beauty.  From high school all the way to the NFL, cheerleaders are praised at every level.  Why should that change on Halloween?  It won’t!

When it comes down to it, Halloween is like the Olympics.  There are all types of competitions in different fields to establish who’s the best.  Cheerleaders are the cream of the social crop, and can turn Halloween competitions mainstream!

Vintage Costumes for Sports Fans!

Nostalgia is always accepted.  Everyone loves a good memory because it brings up satisfactory feelings and emotions.  They take us back to a glorified time when things were thought to be simpler and easier.  Even if the past is exaggerated, it gives people hope that better days are on the horizon.  And sometimes, all a person needs to survive is hope.  The sports world holds the past to a similar standard.  Legends are seen as mythical and otherworldly.  In some cases, this is true.  It’s unlikely that anyone will ever match Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game, but it’s probably better that way.  Instead of looking at grainy game tapes, try on a sports costume with a classic theme!


Click here and capture a taste of the past!  Resurrect shades of the Great Bambino and swing for the stars.  The majors might not be in your sights, but Halloween sure is.  October 31st is a chance for everyone to live out a dream.  Every baseball fan dreamed of sending fastballs out the park just like Babe Ruth.  Use Halloween as a chance to dress up in an Old Tyme Baseball Costume.  Feel the spirit of past greats and do something different on fright night.  Instead of trick-or-treating or partying, reenact a scene from Field of Dreams and have a blast…from the past!

The Legend of Bagger Vance offers up a vintage golf experience!  Will Smith takes viewers back to the early golf scene where the swings were the same and the green was still green, but the duds were far different.  The old tyme golfer costume brings plaid back in style.  Go here and check out the threads of a vintage golfer.  Befit with a beret, knickers, shoe covers, and a sweater vest, the old golf pro stays rooted in the past and pays homage to a distant time.  The clothes are throwback and different enough to fit right in on Halloween.  Even if Halloween has past or a long ways away, wear the costume to your next golf outing.  It’s sure to turn heads!

Looking back at the golden ages is always sentimental!  Warm the heart of baseball and golf fans alike with one of these vintage sports costumes!

Look Good off the Field with a Sports Tie!

The sports world and business world are intertwined as you move up in the ranks.  Sports in the elementary school range is all about fun, exercise, and activity.  The middle school age range follows the same values but college coaches keep tabs on the younger athletes that excel on a national scale.  On the high school level, feelers are sent out from top colleges to plant interest, and once under the bright lights of college sports, it’s all about big business.  That leap into the feisty business world is a big one but you have to look good doing it.  Click here, choose the desired sport, and look just as good off of the field!


Top athletes are seen as money machines by the powers that be.  They’re shuffled in and out of offices to meet with sponsors, teams, and everyone in between.  It’s always a good idea to bring a lawyer or business associate, but it’s the little things that count and make a big impression.  Professionals and prospective professionals can take a grassroots approach to impressing suitors.  Hopeful baseball pros can do themselves a great service by wearing a MLB tie to the team interview.  Click here to see our collection of baseball team ties.  Choose the team you’re trying out for and wear their colors with pride.  A small gesture like this can say a lot about a person’s character.  You made an extra effort to please the organization.  It might seem cheesy but so are thank you letters after a job interview!

Alumni and current college students are all about team pride and school spirit.  Check out these ties and let everyone know which school you represent.  From Duke to Ohio State, all the major schools are represented.  There are different patterns to fit your tastes.  Wear your tie to the office and rub it in the face of your coworkers.  If you’re going to attend the big game, instead of painting your face and chest, take a casual approach with a tie.

Whether it’s for sucking up or prowling with pride, there’s not a bad reason to wear a sports tie!