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Body Slamming Child Wrestling Costumes!

Professional wrestling may have too many similarities to a daytime soap opera but the outrageous finishing moves coupled with the unique characters equals golden entertainment.  Throughout the years, fans have been witness to some legendary wrestlers.  The days of Andre the Giant are riddled with legend.  The behemoth stood larger than life and dazzled fans with just his presence, but no one tops Hulk Hogan.  “Hulkamania” will live on forever as the most notable entertainment wrestler of all-time.  However, the modern era has seen its share of stars too, and children all over the world are jumping off their beds trying to emulate them!

Choosing the modern icon of wresting can go many ways, but it would come down to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Both made their mark with completely different styles.  The Rock strutted his way towards People’s Champ with a cocky air, shades, and a raised eyebrow.  On the other hand, Austin 3:16 kicked down the doors with reckless abandon and Stone Cold Stunnered his way to the top.  While The Rock has surpassed any other wrestler in mainstream appeal with his successful crossover to Hollywood, Stone Cold may have him beat in the hearts of wrestling fans.  Click here to take a look at a Stone Cold Costume for kids.  Every young fan would love to throw down just like the wrestling legend.  Thankfully, there are days like Halloween where kids can dress up as their heroes!

John Cena is another wrestler that made his mark outside of wrestling.  Cena’s trademark “You Can’t See Me” slogan traveled from the ring into the homes of millions.  Kids all over the world are waving their fingers in front of their face and rapping to the lyrics of the wrestler turned rapper and actor.  To all of the young fans that feel invincible at times, have a look at the John Cena Costume and take your stage between the four turnbuckles!

A WWE Costume can bring fans one step closer to walking in the shoes of their wrestling heroes.  Grab Halloween by the cuff and give it a good DDT!

Chicago Bulls Merchandise for Old and New Fans!

History doesn’t always repeat itself!  The Chicago Bulls franchise has seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows.  Before Michael Jordan, they were just another team taking up space in lieu of another Lakers and Celtics showdown.  Once Air Jordan took flight, the Bulls ruled the 90s, but afterwards the same sad song was stuck on repeat.  Draft pick after draft pick turned up duds until Chicago’s own, Derrick Rose, took the court.  Their future is in his hands, but it’s the fans that do the dirty work of heckling the opposing teams and supporting their own in the darkest of days.  Fan support is an unparalleled asset and it can be done in a host of ways!

His Airness!

Every true fan knows that authentic team support starts at home!  A zealous fan may have a set of rituals before a game starts, and if it’s not followed by the book, their team automatically loses.  These kind of rituals can become obsessive so they’re not recommended, but if you have to, start with something simple.  Click here to take a look at our Chicago Bulls maps.  Set down one of these floor mats at the sweet spot of your choosing, and make sure you step on it for good luck before the game starts.  Rub the bull’s horns, pray on the mat, or sleep with it; whatever brings your team good luck!

Old school and modern day Bull’s fans, alike, have to pay yearly sacrifices to the spirit of Air Jordan!  It’s a prerequisite for all Chicago fans.  You don’t have to build a shrine but pay homage to the Greatest any way you can.  Click here for examples of adequate offerings.  From photos to jerseys, MJ is immortalized in many different forms.  His strides through the air and tongue-wags need to be a staple of any collection of sports memorabilia!

Chicago Bulls fans should have no problem rooting their team on to victory in the upcoming season.  Find more Chicago Bulls Merchandise here!

New York Knicks Merchandise: Missing Link to Success?

Another season for the New York Knicks means another roller coaster ride in Madison Square Garden!  The 2011 – 2012 season was one to remember.  A slow start to the season left Knicks fans with no choice but to boo, and those boos went in all directions.  Carmelo Anthony took a fair share of criticism, Mike D’Antoni skipped town due to the finger pointing, and Amare Stoudemire was labeled a shadow of his former self.  Jeremy Lin came to the rescue and soothed Knicks fans hungry stomachs for a historic yet short-lived run, but he’s now gone.  No combination of players have been able to catapult the Knicks back to championship glory.  Maybe it’s time for a change that doesn’t involve the roster or front office.  The fans should look in the mirror and see how they can help change the tide!  Everything a fan needs to show support is right here!


Every Knicks fan needs to brush up on Knicks history.  The great Willis Reed led their last championship team.  As the team leader, he exuded a stoic toughness that struck fear into the hearts of opponents.  That grit dripped into the rest of the team.  Earl Monroe brought a smooth game that fit the big city, and we can’t forget about the Walt Clyde Frazier who might’ve dressed just as good as he played.  Remember who paved the way and collect memorabilia of players like Dave Debusshchere.  Click here and take a look at the New York Times Compilation of the greatest moments in Knicks history.  A gift like this would be a great way to catch up on the team history.  A true fan needs to know their history!

A true sign of Knicks fandom starts at home.  Orange and blue curtains and bed sheets aren’t necessary, but a Knicks Mat in the living room or the car wouldn’t hurt.  It’s just enough to earn your stripes.  Mats land right before the obsession territory.  You’re a respectable hardcore fan!  The last essential trait is punctuality.  Be aware of the time, and makes sure you watch the game from the opening tip to the closing horn.  Click here and take a look at our New York Knick Sports Watches.  New York city is fast paced.  Stay on schedule and keep up with the rest of the fans.

The fans in New York can be tough.  Over the years, the short fuse of the fans has been the single constant.  For the 2012 – 2013 season, Knicks fans need to earn the right to boo.  Fill up your resume, apply for a VIP fans pass, and then you can celebrate however you want!